What do you need to know about the necessary knowledge of oil pressing machine?


 Learn about oil extraction machines. There is a lot of oil presses in our daily lives.

 Working principle

1. Peanut is a high oil-content crop. Its inner oil can be found in the cell as granular or spherical form. The closed film surrounds it. This film and cell wall become separated when the outside world squeezes them. Peanut oil will eventually flow from the crack. When the peanuts are squeezed by the outside, they become brittle and hard and lose their original elasticity. The peanut red coat is made up of more fibers and is separated from its surface using pressure.

2. You should apply different pressures depending upon the required fat content. Peanuts can be defatted with different effects.

Peanut oil processing craft

Process requirements: Peanuts must be degreased at more than 50%. Peanuts are free from broken particles and have no adhesion. The main factor that impacts the degreasing result is moisture. Second is the time. The best conditions to degrease effect are 4.52% - 7.26%. However, excessive moisture can cause Watson's breaking rate to be too high.

The peanut oil production process

Peanut kernels-temperature controlled drying – raw matter wrapping – pressureurization – defatted peanut nuts

In conclusion

You can obtain peanut oil with apricot-yellow color, original taste, and fragrant smell by pressing peanut kernels using a hydraulic press of peanuts.


  1. Palm oil is a unique and widely used vegetable oil derived from the fruit of the oil palm tree (Elaeis guineensis) rather than seeds, making it distinct from conventional seed oils. The extraction process involves harvesting the reddish-orange fruit bunches, then separating the pulp from the nut. The oil is extracted from the pulp, and it holds a central role in the culinary and industrial realms globally. The palm oil a seed oil , its versatility, high yield, and unique composition have led to its prominence in various applications, ranging from cooking and baking to the production of biofuels and cosmetics. Palm oil's widespread use has sparked discussions regarding its environmental impact and sustainability practices, emphasizing the importance of responsible sourcing and production in the palm oil industry.




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