Large Oil Presses Maintenance Plan.

Oil pressing business is improving. More customers are now purchasing large oil pressing machines. The screw oil presse is now more in demand. After the oil presses have been used for some time, you will experience problems such as this. It is important to maintain large oil presses. Let's learn how to maintain large oil presses at peacetime.

 Large Oil Presses Maintenance Plan

 1. Once you have purchased the oil press, you must install, debug it, and use it in strict conformance with the instructions.

 2. The oil press must be kept in a well-lit area and in a comfortable working environment.

 3. Oil press problems must be addressed immediately. It is best to hire someone who is familiar with operating oil presses or a professional to do maintenance.

 4. Cover the screw oil press cage with tarpaulin so that dirt and dust do not get into the gaps in the accumulation bars.

 5. The oil tank for the seed oil press must be kept clean. It should be regularly cleaned and the oil should be extracted before being used.

 6. It is important to keep impurities out of the machine's internal parts, and especially its lubricating parts.

 7. After an oil seed press has worked for a time, it should be stopped for maintenance. Long-term fatigue is not good for the long-term performance of the machine.

 8. When the oil presse is not in use for a prolonged time, it is recommended that the machine's surface be cleaned, oiled, then covered with a protective covering.


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