Why doesn't rapeseed oil press produce enough oil and cakes after they have used it for a time?

 The oil output is the measure of the quality and efficiency of a rapeseed oilseed oil press. The market response and profit will be greater if the oil output rate is higher. Contrary to popular belief, does not produce rapeseed oils. The oil rate produces is too low so there must not be any market. Some users complain that their rapeseed-oil press doesn't produce enough oil and cakes after they have used it for a time. This problem should be resolved immediately. Rapeseed oil machine can only produce cakes without oil. vegetable oil machine

The oil in the oil determines its oil yield. This is determined by the rapeseed oilseed oil press . The oil's quality is variable, with some oil being aged. The oil has been stored too long, the interior has deteriorated, as well as the oil content from the raw materials. These oil cannot be extracted from oil. Oil must only be replaced if it is an actual oil problem. (Do not store oils for more than 5 years. cooking oil machine

The oil has become very clogged. Many users neglect to pay attention to regular maintenance of the rapeseed oils press machine. Long-term usage can cause the line to become blocked. However, the cake outlet is extremely smooth. The cake can be discharged easily because the pressure and torque all act on its outlet. Because there is no oil lining, oil flows out from nut. This is what we refer to as pour out the oils. If this happens, take out all the slivers of oil and clean them up.oil press extractor

The temperature inside the pressing chamber is too hot. The two main factors that determine the oil production are temperature and pressure. If the temperature in the press chamber is too high, there will be no oil in the outlet. If it happens, it indicates that the temperature is too high. This can only be fixed by cooling it down.small scale oil press



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