It is essential to repair the fault and improve equipment's efficiency.

 The increasing oil crop production has led to a rapid increase in the demand for peanut oils press machine. The peanut-oil press machine can be operated easily and requires very little investment. It has been used extensively in rural areas. 

 1. The preform's water level.

 The preform's water content makes it impossible to make cakes and cannot be extracted with oil. The preform contains too much water and the raw material without clogging is gelatinous. Oil can not be squeezed from the preform if the pressing pressure drops. Normally, high-oil content raw materials should have lower moisture content at certain temperatures because of the high pressing pressure. " virgin pressed coconut oil

 2.Squeezing temperature.

 The squeezing heat can be too low. Oil viscosity is high. It is hard to flow and polymerize. Power consumption is high. Parts are also too easy to wear. The temperature of cold press is usually 60-90 degrees. Hot pressing is 100-130 degrees. saffola cold pressed oil

 3.Snail Squeezing speed

 High snail speeds result in short squeezing and large amounts of raw materials, but low oil yields. The opposite is true. If the speed is slow, the squeezing is slower and the oil yield will be lower but the productivity is higher. The hot pressing speed of 36-38r/min. The cold pressing speed is between 85 and 120r/min.cold pressed refined oil

 4. Apply the oil to the cracks.

 An excessive oil outflow gap will lead to poor oil flow which will reduce output rate and productivity. A large gap can cause low pressure in the press chamber and a high slag content, which will impact the oil's quality. Higher oil content raw materials like peanuts, soybeans and other oils should have a larger oil gap. Normal conditions call for the gap to be 0.07-1.00mm. small olive oil press machine

 5.Time and number of squeezes.

 Be specific about the conditions that you are working under to determine the appropriate number of squeezes per minute and how long it takes. The length of the squeeze is directly related to how much you squeeze. It can be squeezed out after it has been cooked. It will reduce the production efficiency if it takes too much time. gramiya chekku oil



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